Young Professionals Involvement

Competition purpose

The YPI Competition is held with the aim of young professionals community involving in the relevant scientific and practical problems discussion during the thematic conferences.

Main provisions

  1. Anyone can take part in the Competition who simultaneously meets all the requirements for the Contestants.
  2. The contestant must be a young professional, i.e., a person who received the first higher professional education diploma no more than 15 years ago, from the moment of Competition submission. 
  3. The contestant must be the author of one of the authors of the article submitted to the target conference.
  4. Submitting an article, the Contestant must express the desire to participate in the Competition, and also must agree with the following terms.

Competition results

  1. The Competition ends with the completion of the target conference.
  2. The Winners are announced at the target conference closing ceremony, or on the day of its closing by an official information letter.
  3. The Winners are awarded IEEE YPI certificates, as well as personalized certificates to receive a discount on registration fee payment for upcoming target conferences in the amount of 30%.
  4. The certificate gives the right to receive a discount when paying the registration fee at the target conference only to the person specified in the Certificate. 
  5. To use the Certificate, one must inform the organizers of the conference before making the payment.
  6. Discount on the Certificate is provided only for one registration fee. After the discount has been granted, the Certificate is considered invalid.
  7. The validity of the Certificate is 18 months from the date of its receipt.  

Full competition rules (En)

Full competition rules (Ru)